The neurological rehabilitation of tomorrow

Relearn your forgotten mobility

Effective recovery is the first step in our mission. What we’re building together with doctors is shaping the mobility recovery of tomorrow. A system built on accessibility, affordability, transparency and collaboration. Where rehabilitation robotics is no more restricted to just the rehab centers but also accessible from the comfort of your home. Recovery information flows freely between users and experts, where people get the right feedback to recover quickly.

Quicker and Effective rehabilitation

Right mental simulation of motor movement results in enhanced motor nerve activation thus resulting in quicker and effective learning compared to repeated movement passive therapy techniques.

Reduced setup time

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm uses transfer learning thus eliminating the need to train the device for each new patient. This results in saving up to 30 mins per therapy

100% noninvasive and wireless

An easy to wear noninvasive EEG headset records the mental simulation of user's brain. The system comprises of a visual display,an EEG headset and an exoskeleton all connected wirelessly thus making it easy to use.

Remotely accessible

The entire system is highly portable thus facilitating home based therapy. The user performance is uploaded in the cloud for therapist consultation and review.

Enjoy your rehabilitation

The entire experience is gamified such that the user gets a real time 3D feedback of mental simulation accuracy thus motivating the user for better engagement

Permanently disabled? Not really!

Rehabilitation is possible for even chronic state disability with zero residual movement left in the limbs.

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