Making the intangible tangible

Your brain behavior demystified for you. With BA3E we give a peek into your brain activity thereby helping you discover and develop new habits that help you blaze through your day

Discover a new you - Know when and where your brain works best

Be the awakened one


Dry electrode




db common-mode rejection radio


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About BA3E

Your ultimate coach
for a smarter you

Average focus time

Get real time insights on your average focus for the day

Maximise attention

Make informed decisions to identify which tasks engage you the most and tune into the flow state

Smart zone out

Block out notifications and alerts through autonomous and smart diagnosis of your state of focus

Avoid mental weariness

Find out that recharge hack that lets you rejuvenate best at the shortest possible time

Seven Colours.

Explore the world

of monotone.

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Light weight & sleaker design

Real time artifact removal

Non Invasive & Wireless

Bluetooth 5.0

Sweat & Water Resistant

Head Comfort

USB Type C Fast Charging

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