Are you one among the many trying to accustom to the new normal?

The new normal in education is the ever increasing usage of online learning tools.  Online learning stands to transform the concept of education with better content, improved accessibility, and affordability while meeting different learning needs.

However, online learning has its own set of drawbacks preventing it from becoming a fitting alternative to traditional classroom. In a typical classroom a teacher has the ability to detect and regain learner attention through various pedagogical approaches, whereas in online learning the learner presence is limited to a small screen with smaller windows making it highly tiring to focus on individual learner faces. Human’s intent and feelings are majorly conveyed through non-verbal signals such as facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, postures and gestures. Unlike that of a face-to-face interaction, where these cues are processed automatically, in online learning, it is hard for the speaker to grasp the non-verbal cues of the listeners. Teachers remark that they fail to get the reassurance that the students have really understood the content. They further remark that due to the increased efforts in paying more attention to the learner cues, the planned lesson delivery also gets affected.

Letting the students switch on the webcam is not a common occurrence given the student privacy and internet issues. This has made it almost impossible to get feedback on content relevance and engagement.

BrainAlive’s FOCII is a webcam based real-time learner engagement feedback system. FOCII’s revolutionary feedback makes online learning as convenient as that of classroom learning while still employing all benefits of online learning. FOCII’s advanced algorithms decode user behavior through webcam and convert it into useful feedback on learner’s conduct and cognitive engagement. These actionable insights enable the teachers to customize the lecture content and delivery to better engage the learners and maximize learning outcomes. FOCII’s state of the art algorithms uses learners’ eye movements, pupil gaze fixations, aversions, diversion, facial features, and postures to gauge the engagement of the users derived from principles of neuroscience and psychology.

FOCII also uses a non-invasive BCI headset to provide additional robust feedback on the cognitive engagement of the users. BCI feedback helps distinguish average content from highly engaging content, thus giving direct feedback on the relevance of the content for the target learners.

To ensure maximum learner privacy all necessary computations are conducted within the student’s system environment while providing only actionable insights to teachers. This further eliminates the need for streaming the user video thus reducing internet connectivity issues.

FOCII’s engagement analytics is not limited to just the feedback from learner behavior but from the material itself in terms of how the content is designed and presented. It uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze the audio, text, and video course materials and provide feedback on the delivery appropriateness and engagement of the content.  The feedback helps teachers create and deliver the content in a way that maximizes the learner’s interest and outcomes.

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