User engagement reimagined for Learning/Webinar/Meeting

We fuse AI, neuroscience and natural language processing to help hosts provide what the audience needs

Introducing FOCII SDK

A rapid developer kit to make your virtual conferencing tool smart to help understand the audience in realtime and maximise their engagement

Computer vision based analytics on user-connect with the content

Feedback on speaker’s verbal and vocal effectiveness



Adapt on the fly

Read audience engagement in real-time to adapt the delivery strategy on the fly


Reality in virtual

Get audience feedback just like how one would get on a real stage


Better use of time

Focus on improvisation of instructional strategy while AI collects the effectiveness feedback


Meaningful interaction

Provide host and audience the opportunity to communicate through non-verbal cues


Privacy preserved

Audience privacy is preserved through aggregate feedback and edge technology


Redefine Delivery

Empower the host with feedback on pitch variation, speaking speed, filler word usage and word repetition

Are you ready to make your technology more human?

Use our SDK to empower the host to provide the best experience for their audience.