Fully understand learner engagement and maximise learning outcomes

An innovative use of computer vision and neuroscience to help online educators improve their student engagement and overall wellbeing in virtual learning

Empower instructors with the finest and most accurate feedback on learner engagement to help create content that matters


Artificially intelligent

Our engagement AI tool collects and analyses the learner data to present you with what your learner really liked in your content/presentation


Deliver like a Pro

We provide feedback on your content production and delivery effectiveness including optimal duration, speaker speed, speech refinements, verbal and non verbal expression and much more


Adapt on the fly

Get the analytics in real time while you deliver to better adapt to your learners on the go

Supported Platforms

Create meaningful content for learners

Our tool collects user's behavioral data through computer vision and user interaction as they engage with the learning material to identify the most impactful content among the learners. Our ML algorithms analyze the learner data to generate actionable insights for teachers to improve the content.

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Learner performance prediction and proactive teacher intervention

Our ML models predict student test performance ahead of a test thus helping instructors identify those who need help vs who needs more challenging questions.

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Greater control of digital wellbeing

Our computer vision algorithm provides the true measurement of strain on eyes from increased screen usage, thus leading to better feedback and management of digital devices used for learning.


Power the learning routine with improved focus

Personalized ML models are trained for each user using the electrical fingerprint of their brain when they are at their maximum focus. These models then quantify the user focus for all routine activities thus providing a real time feedback on the focus level of users.


The BrainAlive Advantage

We spent half a decade designing and developing the finest neurotech and machine learning algorithms that works with every learner and teacher to truly improve the way the world learns.

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What makes us special

  • check-icon We measure the hard to measure things targeted at improving student's mental wellbeing along with providing them with the content that matters the most
  • check-icon Completely non-intrusive technology enabling the learners to focus only on learning
  • check-icon Application of true AI and Machine Learning as opposed to human-informed metrics and statistical analysis
  • check-icon Customized dashboards that capture your user's unique goals and priorities
  • check-icon Quick integration with e-learning platforms delivering value in weeks, not months
  • check-icon A high-quality platform built by a team of the brightest minds spanning across diverse industry and background

Learn how educators/learners leverage BrainAlive


How teachers/instructors use BrainAlive

Get more meaningful and deep insights on student performance and content likability

  • Content-impact

    Content impact

  • Heat-map

    Heat map

  • Early-warning

    Early warning

  • Intervention



How students use BrainAlive

Improved focus and mental wellbeing for an enhanced learning routine

  • Focus-enhancement

    Focus enhancement

  •  Stress-management

    Stress management

  • Digital-fitness

    Digital fitness

The BrainAlive platform

From data collection and storage to platform adoption and measurable improvement



Computer vision and brain signal data warehouse

We provide you with an outcome-based, fully managed data infrastructure and integration services


Understand Data

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Experience our award-winning data dashboards that are personalized for you.


Take & Measure Action

Data Analytics Adoption Program

Work with a dedicated data analytics coach and leverage best practices to achieve your goals

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