Capture your consumer behavior where and how it occurs in real world

Integrated webcam based online eye tracking solution to better understand your consumer experience through unbiased data and actionable insights

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Identify which information drives the maximum conversion and place it strategically to improve conversion

Understand what the user sees before responding to your call-to-action

Get a feedback on how much of the information is taken in by the user


Organise your website to improve the ease of site navigation

Find out what grabs the initial attention of your user and find ways to retain it

Understand the true reason behind user behaviour through scientific data and design an UX that resonates with user

Region of Interest

Augment your understanding of specific regions in the page through getting detailed user engagement feedback on marked areas of interest.

  • check-icon Place your CTA features in those regions that are grabbing maximum attention
  • check-icon Mark and evaluate the performance of only those regions in the screen that are of interest
  • check-icon Understand how efficient the region is performing in grabbing that initial attention of user


Identify which elements attract the maximum visual attention compared to elements that are ignored or overlooked.

  • check-icon Infer user attention pattern in complex pages and identify the most popular part of the page that grabs maximum attention.
  • check-icon Observe the second by second variation in audience retention
  • check-icon Answer critical questions regarding whether users are looking at the desired call-to-action buttons.
  • check-icon Identify variation in user interest across content including video, pictures and text for multiple user categories.

Fixation time and sequence

Identify the sequence and duration with which the user gaze point moves across the site

  • check-icon Identify elements that are able to capture and hold user’s attention in the first few seconds
  • check-icon Gather feedback on content complexity
  • check-icon Identify if user is able to find information that are needed in the right order
  • check-icon Identify optimal positioning of key information and call to action buttons.
  • check-icon Highlight user’s difficulty in finding a particular information on the site
  • check-icon Identify important design/content stimulus that drives maximum user conversion rates
Fixation time and sequence



Easy to Use

Doesn't need any additional installation or download.


Privacy and Security

User’s Webcam images does not leave their device


Real time

Customised recommendations based on real-time user behavior


Additional Metrics

FOCII data is complementary to google analytics and other web tools



Works across desktop and mobile platforms with all popular screen resolutions

View your customer engagement!

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What is a gaze point tracker?

A gaze point tracker uses your devices’ web camera / in-built camera to track novel facial features as you gaze across the screen. The machine learning models then projects the pupil gaze points in the screen in real-time It further provides the trajectory and fixation points with which the pupil was moved across the screen.

What can I use FOCII for?

FOCII can be used for testing the usability of your application/website, to understand the pain points in the customer journey and to identify the effectiveness of your content FOCII can provide useful analytics for your landing page, content and commercial pages

Can we do conversion rate optimization (CRO) using FOCII?

Yes, we can do it. Conversion rate optimization is done to maximise the conversion of users to perform the desired action in the website/app. Few examples of CRO are increasing the customer conversion rate from product page to shopping cart, increasing the conversion rate of subscription etc.

And gaining better understanding on how users navigate your website, what they click, how they perceive the content, and, most importantly, why they leave your resource without completing the expected conversion.

FOCII along with google analytics provides data on how users experience your website, where do they look, how they perceive the content and what drives their action that adds value to the engagement.

Can we do usability testing using FOCII?

Yes, we can do it. Usability testing helps in identifying the confusing elements/flow in the user journey that prevents users from performing the desired action. FOCII captures the true way the user uses the application. The ability to track the gaze point of the user would lead to identify the complex content/design elements in the app. Further, the gaze sequence provides insight on whether the user was able to find the required information with minimal effort.

How is FOCII better?

FOCII does eye tracking that gives you information that cannot be inferred from mouse data alone. In a study it was found that even when only looking at the Y-axis (the more common direction for the mouse to follow the eye), a mere 56 of 175 Google result pages had mouse movement mimic eye movement. That’s only 32%. Further, we do not require custom hardware and do not restrict users to fixed screen size to run an eye tracking study. We use user’s own computers/webcams to track user experience.

How does our tool work?

FOCII captures users' experience in their most natural form. We use the user's laptop/desktop inbuilt camera to capture the eye movements and other facial features to compute the user gaze point on the screen and the overall engagement.