The first ever neuroscience and computer vision driven audience engagement analytics for learning/webinar/meeting

Gather and transform the intangible data into actionable intelligence to improve the content design and delivery to better suit your audience


We make the intangible tangible

BrainAlive gathers unique data through computer vision and neuroscience technology to generate meaningful analytics on user engagement, performance and overall wellbeing. Our insights are evidence based and supported by credible and quantifiable research. Our dedicated data scientists employ the best and most advanced machine learning and AI techniques to unearth accurate and actionable insights that improve user engagement.

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FOCII AI for webinars

Know what your audience truly likes and deliver like a pro

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FOCII AI for Education

Understand true engagement of students in real time in a frictionless manner.

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Completely customisable engagement AI white label solution/API for learning/webinar/meeting softwares

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